• Why Halo?

    Introducing Halo Smart Living! Halo Smart Living is a home automation company created to turn your home into a smart, simple property whilst saving you money on your energy bills.

    Whether your electrical system is old or new, Halo can add intelligent, wireless control for your heating, air conditioning and appliances in your home.

  • Simplicity? A question of Design

    Halo Smart Living is a system created with the aim of making the advantages of a smart home accessible to everyone.
    With the Halo App you can manage everything, from initial installation to everyday use.
    The devices and functions are always available, because good things are also functional things.

    Transform your living areas into spaces that are more comfortable, safe and green. 

    And it’s all so simple!

  • Control Your Spend

    One of the many features of Halo is that our Smart Switches and Smart Plugs all record the electricity consumption of connected appliances. As well as our Smart Meters recording and storing electricity consumption for you entire home! Once set up on our simple but powerful app, you can setup how much your electricity costs in Kilowatt Hours (kWH). Once our easy to navigate app knows your electric costs for for each kWH, it will show you exactly how much each connected appliance costs to run. Having one of our smart meters installed will also show you the total cost of your electricity bill in real time! Helping you stay on top of your rising energy costs!

  • Halo Hotspot

    Another amazing feature of Halo Smart Living is the Halo Hotspot feature. With in the app this feature allows you to draw a circle around your home, in which you have control over your heating and other appliances connected through the Halo White Box (the brain of Halo products). An example of how this works is; when you enter the radius of the circle you have drawn around your home, the white box will intuitively tell your heating and any other Halo connected devices to act on personalised settings. When you leave the circle all connected devices will switch off. Giving you peace of mind while simultaneously saving you money!

Smart Living

Better control + Reduced costs

Experience the Future of Living: HaloSmartLiving's IoT Smart Products

Discover the future of living with HaloSmartLiving! Our range of IoT smart products revolutionizes your home experience. From intelligent thermostats to connected lighting systems, our cutting-edge devices bring convenience, energy efficiency, and security to your fingertips. Control your home with ease through intuitive apps or voice commands. Experience a seamlessly integrated and personalized living space that adapts to your needs. Upgrade to a smarter lifestyle with HaloSmartLiving and unlock the potential of IoT technology in your home.

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  • Use your photovoltaic energy supply simply and effectively!

    With Halo Smart Living, you can maximize self-consumption of the energy produced by the photovoltaic source, thanks to its exclusive compatibility with the Halo Smart Solar monitoring system. More exactly, you can exploit your PV system to best advantage for heating or cooling the home, providing domestic hot water, or activating under floor heating… using only the surplus solar energy produced by your system, in other words… free of charge!

    Which means lower fuel bills for you, and a cleaner environment!

  • Improvements call for measurements… energy too!

    Whether the aim is to keep track of your energy usage or optimize the way energy consumption is managed, or to be certain that the light you turned on does not have a burnt-out bulb, Halo Smart Living will ensure you can achieve it!

    Among its native functions, Halo Smart Living enables precise measurement of the energy consumed by connected devices, so you can be provided with information and functions that will be of help in the process of managing energy and saving it too.

    Unlike other systems, in effect, the Halo Smart Living smart home solution provides an actual measurement, not an estimate: an essential aspect of setting up a home to be not only smart but active as well!

    Transform your living areas into spaces that are more comfortable, safe and green. And it’s all so simple!