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Halo Smart Solar is a complete system for monitoring residential and commercial PV systems and optimising self-consumption from an App. The system comprises a controlling app, an electronic controller for system monitoring and accessories for optimising self-consumption.

How it works

The Halo Smart Solar App, core element of the Halo Smart Solar system, allows the user to view the operation of the system simply and clearly, and in real time. Also, thanks to the facility of setting detailed system parameters and having simple and straightforward control over self-consumption accessories, this is a product guaranteed to provide a rapid ROI.

simple and intuitive graphic interface gives the user full control over the system and the possibility of ensuring that the energy it produces is managed virtuously.

App Overview

  • Power graph

    The curve indicates how much power is produced, consumed, supplied to and drawn from the grid, over a period of time. This is helpful in identifying usage habits and verifying improvements on the self-consumption front.

  • Energy produced / consumed

    View of total energy produced during the selected period and proportion of energy self-consumed

  • Halo Smart Solar App home

    At a glance, in real time, view key information that reflects how the photovoltaic system is operating

  • Weekly timer

    A timer allowing the user to plan slots over the course of a week when a load is to be switched on arbitrarily (regardless of whether or not photovoltaic energy is available), or in self-consumption mode

  • Power Reducer

    Whichever version installed, wired or wireless, its use can be optimized so as to exploit all of the PV energy produced without supplying any to the grid.

  • System data summary

    analysis indicating operation of the system, energy usage and calculation of effective savings through self-consumption

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